7 Things You Must Do In Kauai

August 17, 2018

Planning a vacation to Hawaii? Known as the garden island, Kauai is the island without tall buildings and infrastructure. Sprinkled with coconut trees, it is the second most visited island in Hawaii. It is the island of fabulous natural wonders. We have compiled a list of the best things to do!

Koloa Rum Co.
  1. Try Local Rum

Koloa Rum Company offers high-quality rum made from local ingredients. Since it opens at 10:30 am, you can start your day with the taste of the rum made from locally available coffee, coconut, pineapple and sugar. Take the bottles to your home to make some Mai Tais!

Kauai Surf School
  1. Try Surfing

Kauai is famous for its surfing spots and many great surfers have come out of Kauai. If you plan to get active on your vacation, try surfing. There are plenty of places for board rental. If you are new to surfing, get a surfing class at Kauai surfing school.

CJM Country Stables
  1. Take a Horse Ride

Ride across the gorgeous island landscape on horseback with the CJM Country Stables. If you have never been on a horse, that's fine too! Their trained guides will show you a comfortable and fun time.

  1. Trek the Nounou Mountain Trails

This beginner level trek of almost 1000 ft, is surrounded by lush guava trees. The mountain is known as the sleeping giant. As you reach the top, you will see the majestic view of the ocean and the towns below.

  1. Find Peace at Kauapea Beach

You have to drive through a small road in Kalihiway Valley to reach this beach. Due to its secluded setting, it is also called the secret beach.

Maverick Helicopters
  1. Take a Helicopter Ride

More than half of Kauai is not accessible by land, so getting a birds-eye-view is a great experience.

  1. Visit the Kilohana Plantation

This attraction is perfect for those who love greenery since the plantation is full of tropical plants, wild animals, and features the Kilohana Express, a great ride with the family. You will get to see tropical plants, wild animals, and if you are with your family you can ride across the plantation on Kilohana express.


Aloha, my name is Audrey and I am part of the Hawaii Chee team. When I am not working with Hawaii Chee, I am cuddling with my 4 year old cat or hiking.

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