Aloha Friday

June 21, 2018


Hawaii is a great place to unwind, it is a traveler's paradise and can be called 'heaven on earth'. People visiting the islands hear a lot about 'Aloha Friday' and wonder what it is all about. This article is for you!

Aloha Friday is a common term in Hawaii where people are allowed to wear Aloha wear to work.

Hawaii is a hot place and wearing formal attire becomes very difficult, especially during the summer months. Back in 1940's businessmen were expected to wear a suit and tie, however hot the weather might be. However, as years rolled by, people became more aware of the need to wear sports shirts so that they could work more comfortably on hot days.

Aloha Friday- Meaning and Origin

'Aloha' means hello or goodbye. The word is also used when expressing love, compassion or affection. It has become an integral part of Hawaiian culture and people here actually celebrate 'Aloha'. If you are visiting Hawaii, you will be greeted with Aloha everywhere!

In 1946, the city of Honolulu was the first to allow employees to wear informal dresses to work. Hawaiian clothing industry insisted companies to allow for Aloha gear on Fridays. However in 1966, this took a major turn when The Bank Of Hawaii went ahead with Aloha attire on Fridays. The bank's president, Wilson P. Cannon Jr., took the lead and started to wear aloha shirts to work. Very soon, aloha Fridays became official. By 1970, it was so common that Aloha wear could be worn on any day! Aloha Friday is also called as " Casual Friday", on the mainland.

Kimo Kahoano, a popular local singer, recorded a beautiful song " Aloha Friday". It's been 2 decades, but the islanders still find the song cheerful. Its tune goes' It's Aloha Friday, no work till Monday'!

Aloha Friday, in a sense brings happiness to the Islanders and they look forward to having a great weekend.


Aloha, my name is Audrey and I am part of the Hawaii Chee team. When I am not working with Hawaii Chee, I am cuddling with my 4 year old cat or hiking.

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