Attracting Windsurfers and Kiters to your Maui Vacation Rental

January 2, 2018
Vacation Rental Owners

If you’ve read our post on planning the perfect Maui windsurfing or kiting vacation and think your vacation rental is the perfect spot for kiters and windsurfers, then it’s time to target and attract those guests! 

The best thing about them is that they are so obsessed with their water sports, they wear themselves out on the water all day before returning home early for a good night’s sleep for the next action packed day. It makes for very quiet guests!

There are many ways to attract the windsurfing and kiteboarding communities from all over the world, but here are our top recommendations.

Listing Description and Photo 

The first and easiest thing you can do to attract windsurfers and kiters is to change the main photo on your online listings to windsurfing and/or kiting photos. 

Additionally, change your listing’s description based on the time of year. If it’s nearing summer, you’ll want to illustrate that the flat water that is perfect for beginner sailors. 

Alternatively, winter brings in big waves for the experts, whereas fall and spring are better for intermediate sailors.

Event Targeting

Pay attention to local events and competitions, such as the Aloha Classic. Tons of people flock to the north shore of Maui to watch these events, and the most elite athletes in these sports stay up to a month or more for certain events. 

Advertising your vacation rental as a place to stay during windsurfing or kiting events is a great way to be noticed by both athletes and fans. Best of all, they may turn into repeat customers every year!
Photo Credit: Jimmie Hepp Photography

Participate in the Communities

Participate in any social media groups or online forums regarding windsurfing or kiting on Maui, especially if you enjoy either of the sports yourself! 

There are specific Facebook groups for the windsurfing and kiting community that you can join, and you can target guests by posting relevant articles online or photos of the sports on your Instagram (using hashtags to attract the right audience). 

The communities are tight knit across the world, so once you have your foot in the door it can open your home up to tons of referrals!

Connect With Local Companies

There are tons of local companies, so consider partnering with a few to provide guests with discounts on gear rental or lessons. Some local companies on Maui include Pritchard WindsurfingHST Windsurfing and Kiting School, and Kiteboarding School Maui

Be sure to highlight any partnerships you have in your online listing!

Provide Gear

If you can go a step further and provide windsurfing or kiting gear or a place to store their gear, you’ll make your guests extremely happy. Gear for the two sports can be expensive so this may not be worth the investment, but it will definitely make your listing stand out!

Make your presence known among the water sports communities on Maui by participating in the sports and meeting people or building your vacation rental brand around the communities.

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