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December 26, 2017
Vacation Rental Owners

Every vacation rental owner’s goal is to differentiate themselves from the mass of rentals available on the Internet. Now is the time to re-evaluate your listing and set some goals to improve your business and generate more revenue the rest of the year. 

Taking a few small steps could make a huge impact on your business. 

Here are some trends that we see playing a large role in 2018 and some tips on how to set yourself apart and be the first to be discovered by guests!

Visually-Based Listings: When a potential guest is searching for a rental, you have eight seconds to catch their eye before they move on. That’s why great headlines to grab a traveller are important coupled with professional photos and video based promotional highlights. New technology, like drones are becoming more affordable (such as the GoPro Karma), and will start to play a larger role in the vacation rental industry. So get on it now and invest in some professional photography or video.

Millennial Relationships: The new generation of guests are Millennials and make up about 50% of all travelers. Millennials are currently the fastest-growing age segment in terms of money spent on travel. 

Whether you are ready for them or not, millennials will become the primary group that seeks out vacation rentals. They are tomorrow’s travelers and now is the time to build your relationship with them. Millennials do everything tech-related in higher percentages than all other generations. 

Not only are millennials using mobile devices to plan and book travel, they are also using them to share experiences while traveling. They are seeking easy-to-book, authentic, personalized travel experiences. 

So what can you do to appeal to the millennial traveler? 

  • Be online bookable and responsive to inquiries
  • Make your booking process as seamless as possible by accepting credit cards and offering digital signatures on contracts
  • Educate them on how to be a good vacation rental guest by providing tips before their stay that teaches them how to enjoy your home
  • Personalise their experience by sharing the highlights of your destination and your home

Active Travel: People are more health conscious than ever, which has led to spontaneous, adventurous, and active vacations. Travelers are seeing more recreational companies and vacation rentals that support the health craze.

To differentiate your vacation home, get creative and find partnerships with local companies to offer package deals to increase your appeal and offering. 

Some ideas could be offering a yoga retreat package, golf package, ski package, bike tour or other local adventure unique to your area.

Social Media Influence: Facebook alone has over 1.7 billion users. Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms are growing exponentially. As an owner, you should take advantage of this huge marketplace and leverage social media to promote your property. 

You can attract potential guests to your rental by posting interesting articles and tips about travel or by highlighting special events and deals going on nearby. People can share your property with their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter friends as you gain more followers and post useful information. 

The more popular your social media accounts are, the more trust you earn and bookings will come your way.

Pris Lee

Aloha! I'm Pris and I am the head of marketing at Hawaii Chee. I'm quite partial to a good cup of coffee, hiking and horse back riding along the beach. And chocolate. Always chocolate...

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