Traveller tips for the Road to Hana

December 27, 2017
Hawaii Chee Tips

Now that we’ve covered some of the must see stops from a local’s perspective, we have also compiled some general tips about your journey to Hana to make the trip as enjoyable, safe and carefree as possible.

The Road to Hana

Leave Early

The Road to Hana is a two lane road that features 59 single lane bridges. Understandably, there are a few traffic jams throughout the day. You can’t fully avoid being stuck behind a slow driver or getting caught waiting to cross a bridge, but if you leave early enough you can dodge most of it. We recommend leaving by 7 or 7:30 AM (and even earlier if you are coming from West Maui). 

Stop at the Kuau Store for some breakfast burritos, coffee, or smoothies as you get ready to start your adventure.

Hit the Stops on the Way Home

Especially if you leave early, consider driving all the way to Hana without any stops and then completing the must see stops backwards. This would mean you start with the Pipiwai trail (which is past Hana town), and then make the must-see stops on the drive back. 

With this strategy you will avoid traffic because there tends to be congestion going back towards Paia in the afternoon. There are few cars driving from the direction of Hana in the morning.

Pack Extra Clothes and Towels

You may know to pack extra water, sunscreen, bug spray, etc, but many forget to bring extra clothes and towels (including clean flip flops!). Hana is a tropical rainforest and therefore it is almost always rainy and muddy. 

Additionally, many hikes feature waterfalls with great places to rest and take a swim. You’ll be thankful that you have a dry, clean change of clothes for the long drive back especially if you are stopping for dinner in Paia.

Try the Surfin’ Burro or the Hana Burger Food Truck for lunch

Surfin Burro, Hana
The food here hits the spot!
You won’t regret it! The Surfin’ Burro has mouthwatering burritos and some of the hottest homemade hot sauce out there. Hana Burger Food Truck is located on Hana Ranch and features organic fresh food from their farm.

There are thousands of trails, waterfalls, and viewpoints to explore along the Road to Hana, so it’s never a bad choice to book a vacation rental and stay a night or two in Hana so you don’t miss out on any of the magic. If you only have one day, however, this guide will help you make the most of your time in one of of the most breathtaking places in the world.

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Aloha! I'm Pris and I am the head of marketing at Hawaii Chee. I'm quite partial to a good cup of coffee, hiking and horse back riding along the beach. And chocolate. Always chocolate...

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