Why Would a Host Want a Private Listing?

December 29, 2017
Vacation Rental Owners

Have you ever considered renting your vacation home? Wouldn’t it be great to cover some of the costs of owning a second home? 

However, there is a lot to consider before jumping into the vacation rental business. If you open your home and make it available for rent by the general public, then you need to deliver a great experience. 

Additionally, running a vacation rental business involves lots of day-to-day details such as hiring and managing cleaners, communicating with guests, resolving issues, handling payments and refunding damage deposits. 

You’ll also likely need to advertise on public travel sites, such as VRBO or Airbnb, which could increase the risk of unsuitable guests staying in your vacation home.

If this all sounds way too daunting, there is another option to consider. What if you could share your vacation home only with friends and family or with select acquaintances?

Hawaii Chee was designed with privacy in mind. When hosts sign up, they are able to choose whether they would like a public or a private listing. Private listings allow you to invite only select individuals to view your listing, similar to a private Facebook profile. 

With your approval, select individuals can unlock the full details to your listing including rates, location, and pictures. Hawaii Chee offers a private vacation rental listing so you can:

  • Maintain security / privacy
  • Hand pick your guests list
  • Outline guest policies to friends and family
  • Rent your primary residence

Maintain Security / Privacy

The number one reason hosts that want to list privately is for security. One scenario is that the rental space is located inside the host’s primary residence (basement suite) or adjacent to the host’s primary residence (guest house). 

In these situations, the host may not want just anyone staying at their property and interacting with them and their family. With a private listing, hosts can control who stays at the property and only rent to people in their network. 

Another security benefit to a private listing is that hosts can feel assured knowing that the general public doesn’t know where they live and do not have online visibility to the interior of their home.

Hand pick Your Guest List 

Hosts can create a private listing and invite only trusted individuals to be able to stay or book their home. 

Only these select people can view the host’s private listing online. Hawaii Chee has designed the guest list feature to allow hosts to reach out to their trusted contacts in one place, so they can let their friends, family, and select acquaintances know when their home is available. 

In addition, the calendar remains private, unlike public listings on listing sites such as VRBO or Homeaway.

Outline Guest Policies to Friends & Family

Outlining costs or expectations to friends and family when they stay at your vacation rental can be awkward. Hosts that list on Friends and Guests can use their private listing to clearly outline that cleaning fees or damage deposits apply to everyone, even if they are friends or family.

Rent your Primary Residence

Many people take extended holidays or sabbaticals and would consider renting out their primary residence while they are away. A good alternative to a house-sitter is to rent out your home. Private hosts include individuals who would like to rent their primary residence while they are away, and not rent it at all the remainder of the year.

Hawaii Chee solves many of the challenges that can come with renting a vacation home while helping you pay that second mortgage and maintaining more peace of mind. 

Instead of feeling uncertainty regarding your vacation rental business, you can have total control and better monitoring of your home with a private listing on Hawaii Chee. Sign up today and have greater control over your vacation rental business!

Pris Lee

Aloha! I'm Pris and I am the head of marketing at Hawaii Chee. I'm quite partial to a good cup of coffee, hiking and horse back riding along the beach. And chocolate. Always chocolate...

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